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Nature Explorer

The Empowered Man

A 9-week group for Men to explore a positive way of being in relationship with ourselves, our community, and the natural world.


Meet Your Guide

Robbie Watterson 

 I am a Mental Health Therapist and currently live in Black Hawk, CO among the beautiful rocky mountains with my wife and 2 little dogs. I moved to Colorado 5 years ago from TN to find a different way of life after experiencing auto-immune and heart issues. I didn’t know where life was leading me at the time but I trusted there was more out in the world for me to experience. I completed a master's degree in public health at a mental health clinic in Fort Collins. It turned out that upon finishing the program, I felt called to pursue mental health so I attended Naropa University in Boulder and graduated last year from the Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy Program. It was a very rich, alive, and tender experience overall and I feel it has helped me to step deeper into connection with myself, community, and nature. My passion involves the outdoors, heart-centered connection with my community, stepping into discomfort, and learning how to be a more loving, compassionate man. My goals in life both in career and as a therapist are to raise awareness, build connection, and empower others to trust/follow their internal beauty.

What is this group all about? Watch and find out. 

The Details

  • WHAT: A 9-week group for Men to explore a positive way of being in relationship with ourselves, our community, and the natural world.


  • WHEN: Beginning Wednesday September 13th, 2023; 6:30pm-8:30pm MST.


  • WHERE: In person in Golden; 1204 Washington Ave Golden, CO



  • WHO: This group is limited to 10 men age 18-up.


  • INFO: Please reach out to Robbie Watterson @


       Phone: 720-805-4639


Life is challenging and will continue to be in many regards. Our health may decline at times, our relationships shift or come to an end, or our careers no longer serve our greatest good. How do we move through and allow things to blossom in our life again? How can we turn death back into life and start living fully again? This group is a 9-week opportunity to help you find yourself again and begin allowing positive change back into your life. From grief to relief, your time begins now.



This group will take you on a journey using positive psychology, IFS (parts work), narrative therapy and meditation to help you rewrite your story and be witnessed in community by other men. This group will not bypass the darkness and only share the positive aspects of life. We will work through the pains, challenges and heartache to help rewrite your story so you feel more positivity in your life again.



Are you willing to take this opportunity for yourself? Life begins to take off in a beautiful way when you're ready to say yes.

3 Easy Steps To
Sign Up Now

Below are the steps to take in order to sign up and save your spot in the next in-person group located in Golden, CO


#1 Fill out google form

Click here to sign up. Fill out the google form thoroughly. 

Foggy Forest

Make your payment through Venmo

Click here to make your payment to through Venmo. Total is $575 for 9 weeks. Payment is non-refundable. 

Liquid Drop

Schedule a brief connection call with Robbie

After you sign up, please email or text me to schedule a call to get started. I look forward to having you in the group!


Phone: 720-805-4639


Connect with Robbie now by phone or email to get started. I look forward to having you in group. 


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