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Release, Relax, Unwind

Our Journey Together —  

What is this all about?


Hi, I am Robbie, a holistic wilderness therapist here to guide you on your personal therapeutic journey. I started rituals as an expression of the sacred process involved in healing. Each step you take towards becoming your best self is something to be honored. Life can be extremely challenging but if we have rituals and assistance along the way, the journey seems more inviting and more alive. Let's face it, we are constantly changing just like nature changes from season to season. If we become more aware of our changes and give them the space for expression, I feel we transition in a way that feels fluid and organic. 

Working with a therapist takes a lot of courage, I imagine things haven't been easy for you. Maybe it's a big life transition, anxiety that prevents you from taking action, a breakup/divorce, or you're ready for a new career. Having guidance and support can go such a long way in helping you to get to your destination of what you want most for yourself in life. By working with me at Rituals you will begin building a deeper connection with yourself and life all around you. I am here to support you and believe you have all that you need within. May this journey together help you remember your truth and bring you the nourishment to keep growing. 

I offer in-person sessions at my office in Golden with the option to go outdoors as well as nature-based sessions in Denver/Black Hawk, & Nederland. It is more than therapy, it's an experience. 

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.”



Building safety and rapport. Setting goals and working through challenges and patterns that get in the way of what you most want in life. Sessions may include attachment work, person-centered therapy, reparenting, inner child work, bodywork, and nature-centered therapy.

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Relational training for couples to help build awareness, security, and deeper connection. A couples session will focus on cultivating a meaningful and nourishing connection using the Gottman Couples Therapy Method.


Commitment is key in therapy and can help us grow in beautiful ways. This package provides you a discounted rate for making a commitment to yourself and your healing. 

Everyday Rituals

Experiencing Heartache?

Step 1: Light a candle 
Step 2: Write down all that you are experiencing (ex. I am angry at my  partner or ex for..)
Step 3: Ask where am I feeling anger in my body
Step 4: Let that part of you speak your pain into the candle while tapping with your fingers on the area you identified (ex. I hate how you did this to me while tapping on my chest).
Step 5: Find some matches and take out as many as you need to give to the fire. Let each one represent something you are ready to let go of. ( ex. I let go of my anger towards you) 
Step 6: Give thanks for this time of expression. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth blowing out the candle when you are ready. 
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Connect With Robbie

Golden, CO 80401

Denver, CO 80211

Black Hawk/Nederland CO 80422

Tel: 720-805-4639

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