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A first look at client experiences

"I am so happy that I have been able to work with Robbie; our therapeutic relationship was the right “medicine” at the right time. Robbie is warm, engaging, funny, and an excellent communicator. He incorporated elemental work, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence into our sessions. I’ve always left feeling empowered and did not feel like I was ‘spinning my wheels’ by talking about recurring issues. Insights flowed more easily and it was refreshing to share them with someone who was genuinely rooting for me. I would recommend him to anyone, especially those who are willing to go on a holistic journey."

"Working with Robbie has been awesome. I was apprehensive when my employer made me look for therapist. After my started working with Robbie i felt that I had found a real person to connect with and not just someone who will tell me what they think I wanna hear. I am happy when my day on that couch comes because I know I'm in a better place in mind and soul when I know I can trust who I open up to."

"Robbie is a kind soul, and has been an empathetic listener on our journey together."

I had the privilege of connecting with Robbie as the summer kicked off and we were able to work together through some really tough transitions. He takes pride in being a steward of his client's mental health and it shines through in his practice. I really appreciate the way he works towards integrating nature into sessions through different rituals and exercises that leave a lasting impression beyond the time spent together. Thanks Robbie!

"Working with Robbie has been a great experience, he's a very grounded and wholesome person who encourages getting in touch with nature through his sessions. Robbie has helped me grow in many ways, specifically with learning how to create and hold boundaries."

"Working with Robbie was such a delight! He really helped me figure out the answers I needed to get my life back on track. Being able to vent to someone and get the results you expected is amazing. He helped me realize things I already knew but couldn’t put my foot down until me talking with him out loud and really realizing what’s best for me in my life. I’m happy I got to be a client of his!"

"Robbie has been such a blessing to have as my therapist during one of the hardest seasons of my life. He listens with intent and genuinely cares about what is going on in my life including all the small details. His calm and grounded presence makes me feel safe and at ease no matter how anxious/frantic/depressed I feel. I appreciate how respectful he is towards my personal beliefs and I feel comfortable sharing them with him. He has a unique nature approach and it’s very helpful as a fellow nature lover. He has helped me cultivate more positivity, perspective and self confidence within myself, which I couldn’t have done alone. I truly feel seen, heard, and that I have not only a therapist but a friend to help navigate me through life. Thank you for everything Robbie."

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